Parental Choice Program Students Outperform Peers

Data released today by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) shows that again this year, students in the Parental Choice Programs are outperforming their peers. As with all test data, a one-year snapshot has limitations but the trend of higher scores for students on a voucher is great news for students and taxpayers.

“All three Parental Choice Programs, comprised predominately of low-income students, outscored their full-income counterparts across the entire state in public schools on the ACT,” Jim Bender said. “Combined with the Forward Exam, these results highlight superior outcomes at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers.”

Below is the comparative data for the Parental Choice Programs around the state:

* Removes Milwaukee and Racine Unified from statewide data

* * Removes Milwaukee only as RUSD econ/dis not available

ACT Exam

MPCP 17.5

MPS Econ/Dis 15.4

MPS 16.5

RPCP 19.5

RUSD Econ/Dis 15.8

RUSD 17.7

WPCP 22.5

State Econ/Dis 17.4

State 20.1 (20.4*)

Forward Exam

WPCP results

38% proficient/advanced in ELA

34% proficient/advanced in Math

51% prof/advanced in Science

52% prof/adv in Social Studies

Statewide Economically Disadvantaged

26.4% prof/adv in ELA (28.4% **)

24.9% prof/adv in Math (27.3%**)

33.1% prof/adv in Sci (36.3%**)

32.0% prof/adv in S.S. (34.7%**)

Statewide results

42.5% prof/adv in ELA (45%*)

42.2% prof/adv in Math (45.1%*)

50.2% prof/adv in Sci (53.3%*)

49.8% prof/adv in S.S. (52.8%*)

RPCP results

26% proficient/advanced in ELA

16% proficient/advanced in Math

27% prof/adv in Science

35% prof/adv in Social Studies

RUSD Economically Disadvantaged

Data Redacted and not listed on DPI website as of yet.

RUSD results

20.2% proficient/advanced in ELA

18.8% proficient/advanced in Math

28.3% prof/advanced in Science

30% prof/adv in Social Studies

MPCP results

19% proficient/advanced in ELA

14% proficient/advanced in Math

20% prof/advanced in Science

25% prof/adv in Social Studies

MPS Economically Disadvantaged

14.9% proficient/advanced in ELA

11.2% proficient/advanced in Math

15.2% prof/advanced in Science

16.4% prof/adv in Social Studies

MPS results

19.7% proficient/advanced in ELA

14.9% proficient/advanced in Math

19.8% prof/advanced in Science

21.2% prof/adv in Social Studies

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