Choice schools tackle pandemic-related learning loss

School Choice Wisconsin set out to see what some of our choice schools did last year and will do going forward to combat the disruptions and learning loss that followed the pandemic lockdowns. See what we found. Recent headlines, such as this story in The New York Times and this piece in The Atlantic, cite a pandemic-related learning loss that is more serious than many [...]

  • fiscal accountability of choice schools

Accountability in Action-August 2017

In this report, School Choice Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty explore the impact of fiscal accountability and parental choice on the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. "The debate over private school vouchers has shifted away [...]


School Choice Toolkit

All the information and resources you need to understand the Wisconsin School Choice Program – including how it works, its benefits, and the impact it can have on the education of our children.

School Finance Map

Each additional traditional student represents a higher cost as compared to an additional voucher student. This map view compares the difference in local tax impact between traditional and voucher students in school districts across Wisconsin.

A Wise Investment

Private choice schools and independent charter schools tend to offer the citizens of Wisconsin more “bang for the buck” than traditional public schools.

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