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Here you’ll find all the information and resources you need to understand the Wisconsin School Choice Program – including how it works, its benefits, and the impact it can have on the education of our children. Find 2022 Enrollment Marketing Materials here.

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FAQ For Schools

Quick answers to common questions about school choice and details about the Wisconsin School Choice programs.

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FAQ For Parents

Answers to questions parents have about the School Choice program and the benefits it provides for their children.

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Tuition Tax Deduction FAQ

Information about the Wisconsin Tuition Tax Deduction and how it works for and impacts families (link to the Wisconsin DOR form).

The Truth About School Choice

Properly understood through its actual proposals and its documented history, choice has always been rooted in improvement, parental power, opportunity, hope and social fairness. Yet, many myths about school choice are still broadly circulated. Here is the truth.

How does school choice affect public schools?
Can school choice help students with special needs?
Do Americans favor school choice policies?
Are participating private schools held accountable?
School Choice And Character: Evidence From Milwaukee
A Wise Investment: The Productivity of Public and Private Schools of Choice in Wisconsin
How does school choice work in other countries?
EdChoice: Friedman Foundation
Does school choice drain public school funding?
Is school choice constitutional?

Applying To School Choice Programs

Learn more about each of Wisconsin’s four school choice programs: Milwaukee, Racine Unified School District, Wisconsin (outside of Milwaukee and the RUSD), and the Special Needs Scholarship Program. Then quickly access the information you need to register your school or enroll your child.

About Wisconsin’s Private School Choice Programs
School Registration Information
Student Applications For Choice Programs
Private School Directory (Select “Choice” Option)
General Information About Private Schools in Wisconsin

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