A Wise Investment – Choice and Charter Dollars Generate Higher Report Card Scores

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With State Budget Decisions Near, Study Shows ROI in Education is Clear

A new study by Corey DeAngelis of the Reason Foundation calculates the productivity of public dollars for three education sectors in Wisconsin. By comparing local and state investments in the traditional public schools, independent charter schools and private schools in the Parental Choice Programs, the study compares the outputs in education based on the statewide report card developed by Governor Evers.

The results are crystal clear – public dollars invested in the Parental Choice Programs and Independent Charters yield a much higher return. Milwaukee and Racine make up the core of the study. In those cities, taxpayers are seeing significantly greater outputs for every dollar going in. Specifically, DeAngelis finds that private schools and independent charter schools are 50 percent more cost-effective than district-run public schools in Milwaukee. Private schools and independent charter schools are 63 to 75 percent more cost-effective than district-run public schools in Racine.

Using the comprehensive measures found in the state report card, the study captures multiple education factors that go far beyond standardized test scores.  Importantly, these cost-effectiveness advantages for choice sectors are conservative since the study only compares revenue limits (equalized aid and local levy) for district-run public schools against the voucher amount and funding for charters.

The legislature will soon allocate spending for the next two-year budget,” Jim Bender, President of School Choice Wisconsin said. “This study further highlights the superior performance of school choice in Wisconsin at a lower cost. It is a win for families and a win for taxpayers.”


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