SCWA and WILL Secure Concession from MPS on Transportation

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MPS is moving forward with a current-law application of transportation benefits with private schools and parents for the entire school year. They have made commitments to legislators that their intent is to fully allocate eligible resources by June 30, earlier if possible.

In April, School Choice Wisconsin Action was instrumental in getting AB160 / SB221 before the Education Committee in Madison. The bill, introduced by representatives Jessie Rodriguez and Jeremy Thiesfeldt, relates to transportation to a private school during the 2020-21 school year for pupils who reside in a first class city school district.

In her testimony before the Education Committee, Ms. Rodriguez said, “Under current law, Wisconsin pupils participating in a private school choice program are entitled to transportation provided by their resident school district…It has been brought to our attention that…not all districts were fulfilling this obligation during the 2020-2021 school year.”

Senator Julian Bradley noted that, “Despite receiving unprecedented levels of funding, Milwaukee Public Schools have simply refused to follow the law and cover the cost of transportation for students enrolled at private schools.”

The purpose of AB160 has been to undo some of the harm inflicted by that denial of service and to restore safe and reliable transportation to students and their families. Read the testimony before the Education Committee..

The legislature will be holding back Assembly Bill 160/Senate Bill 221 until June to make sure MPS complies with its committed plan.  Thank you to the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty in helping SCWA obtain this victory for schools and parents.

We would encourage everyone to submit the requested information as soon as possible. Please let us know if you are having any issues with MPS.

We will keep you updated as the plan rolls out.

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