Common Sense Wisconsin Releases Power Education Blueprint

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Around the country we have seen a number of new education policy proposals that empower parents in K-12 education. Even in states that are not traditional sources of educational options, the pandemic has engaged parents in a manner that is garnering strong reactions.

Today, here in Wisconsin, we see a new proposal that expands our existing parental choice options.  By eliminating a number of remaining barriers, parents would have significantly more control across all sectors of education for all parents. Common Sense Wisconsin released the Power Education Blueprint with an agenda for reforming and enhancing the way families engage with K-12 education.  

Among the policies the Power Education Blueprint recommends:

  • Promoting the existing open enrollment process to inform parents of their options
  • Providing curriculum transparency so parents can enroll or transfer with full understanding of what’s being taught
  • Eliminating the per-pupil funding disparities between choice, charter and brick and mortar student
  • Expanding school choice to all areas of the state and eliminating the income limits for participants
  • Permitting alternative licensure, and loan forgiveness/reduced tuition for Education students who teach in Wisconsin

The entire Power Education Blueprint can be requested on the Common Sense Wisconsin website.

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