Concordia Teacher and Learning Academy

Concordia Teacher and Learning Academy

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Concordia Teaching & Learning Academy logoSchool Choice Wisconsin and Concordia University have partnered on a new initiative that will strengthen the skills and confidence of non-licensed educators that are teaching in Wisconsin Choice program schools. The innovative program will help address the educator shortage in Wisconsin private choice schools and provide an affordable and accessible pathway for professionals from a variety of backgrounds to earn a Concordia teaching certificate. 

The Concordia Teaching and Learning Academy (CTLA) is an online program that combines experiential learning with one-on-one mentorship to arm aspiring teachers with the skills and tools — and education — needed to make a difference in the lives of students.

In just a year and a half and at a cost as low as $9,000, the CTLA is both a convenient and cost-effective solution to the teacher shortage facing Wisconsin’s choice schools. The CTLA is accessible to all Wisconsin residents who hold a bachelor’s degree.

Established in 1881, Concordia University has long been a leader in online education and serving the needs of non-traditional teacher candidates. Concordia has offered online learning opportunities since 1998, and currently serves more than 9,000 students across all programs. Credits earned through the CTLA can be applied toward further study, including a Concordia University master’s degree and Wisconsin teacher licensure. Last year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issued more than 3,800 emergency teacher licenses to allow non-licensed individuals to fill teaching vacancies.

Apply now and find more information about the CTLA here.