For Parents

For Parents

School choice describes policies that are enacted to ensure that every family has the right to choose the schools that are best for their children.

Today Wisconsin has four private school choice programs (Milwaukee, Racine, statewide and a special needs program), a public charter program, and an open enrollment program allowing transfers to non-resident districts. Homeschooling is also an educational option. 

The private school choice programs use vouchers that the state pays to the schools to cover tuition. There are geographical, income, and in some cases grade-level-entry restrictions on participation in the programs. 

In recent years, choice has grown in Wisconsin. Around 49,000 students currently participate in the four private school choice programs. Choice program students have outperformed public school counterparts on the ACT for several years running.

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FAQs for Parents

Programs at a Glance

Yes, you may apply to more than one participating choice program school.


Yes, you may apply to more than one participating choice program school.

A student who meets residency and income requirements is eligible for the program. A school may not use grades or test scores as a condition of acceptance into the program. Once a student is accepted into the program, a school may test a student for placement purposes within the school.

Call your preferred private or religious school to see if they intend to participate in one of Wisconsin’s parental choice programs. A list of schools that currently participate can also be found here. You may search for school by address or current location on our interactive map.

There is no limit on the number of schools or students that may participate in either the Milwaukee or the Racine Parental Choice Programs.

In the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program in 2022–2023, the student cap is determined by calculating 7% of the local school districts enrollment. Enrollment in a particular area can not exceed that 7% cap.

Each private or religious school determines the grade levels and the number of seats it will make available to students in the parental choice programs. This will vary from school to school.

Yes. Once a student is accepted and enrolled in the school, he or she is required to follow the school’s policies and procedures. A parent should contact the school for a copy of its policies and procedures. In addition, state law requires schools to have policies and procedures in place regarding suspension and expulsion.


School Choice Wisconsin Brochure: Parent Awakening

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Tuition Tax Deduction

Information about the Wisconsin Tuition Tax Deduction and how it works for and impacts families.

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School choice is helping real kids. Thousands of students throughout Wisconsin are thriving because of the educational options available to them through school choice programs.

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