For Parents

For Parents

School choice describes policies that are enacted to ensure that every family has the right to choose the schools that are best for their children.

Today Wisconsin has four private school choice programs (Milwaukee, Racine, statewide and a special needs program), a public charter program, and an open enrollment program allowing transfers to non-resident districts. Homeschooling is also an educational option. 

The private school choice programs use vouchers that the state pays to the schools to cover tuition. There are geographical, income, and in some cases grade-level-entry restrictions on participation in the programs. 

In recent years, choice has grown in Wisconsin. Around 49,000 students currently participate in the four private school choice programs. Choice program students have outperformed public school counterparts on the ACT for several years running.

Below the FAQS, see the Enroll and Tuition Tax Deduction links.


FAQs for Parents

Tuition & Fees

You can be charged reasonable fees for:

  • Personal items such as towels, gym clothes or uniforms
  • Social and extracurricular activities as long as the activity is not a part of the required curriculum
  • Musical instruments
  • Meals
  • High school classes not required or credited for graduation
  • Transportation
  • Before-school and after-school child care

In K-8th grade, schools can’t charge additional tuition. In grades 9-12, a school is allowed to charge additional tuition if the family’s adjusted gross income exceeds 220% of the federal poverty level.


School Choice Wisconsin Brochure: Parent Awakening

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Enroll in a Choice School

We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step and assist you finding a school, submitting the application, and enrolling.

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Tuition Tax Deduction

Information about the Wisconsin Tuition Tax Deduction and how it works for and impacts families.

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School choice is helping real kids. Thousands of students throughout Wisconsin are thriving because of the educational options available to them through school choice programs.

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