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School Choice Wisconsin supports Wisconsin choice schools through seminars, events, advocacy, and assistance with onboarding and compliance. Browse our school resources and if you don’t find what you need, contact us.

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School Choice Seminars

Access seminars on topics such as EANS funding, school audits, and more.

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Joining the School Choice Program

    School Choice Wisconsin will be your go-to partner as you explore bringing the choice program to your school: [email protected] or 414-319-9160.
  • Board Presentation: AT YOUR LOCATION
    SCW staff is available to meet at your school to introduce the program and provide Q&A for your board.
  • Stakeholder Meeting: AT YOUR LOCATION
    Interested parents and community members can get their questions answered by school choice experts.
  • Timeline: AT-A-GLANCE
    This easy-to-use reference helps schools manage program deadlines during their first year.
  • Onboarding: YOUR FIRST YEAR
    SCW staff will coach you through a tool box of resources to ensure successful implementation.
    Training is available for anyone who wishes to learn more about the private school choice programs and is a requirement for new choice administrators.


Professional Development Opportunities

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FAQs for Schools


Categories: FAQs for Schools, Overview

School Choice Wisconsin is available to meet at your school to help educate your school leadership, parents, faculty, staff, school boards, and congregations. Call us at 414-319-9160.

Categories: FAQs for Schools, Overview

Administrators who have considered bringing choice to their schools often consider School Choice Wisconsin their go-to partner or “help desk” as they learn more about the school choice program in this state. We can help you with questions like:

  • How do Wisconsin’s private and religious school choice programs function?
  • How do schools apply to the program?
  • How do families apply to the program?
  • What are the statutory, regulatory and financial requirements?
  • What is the dollar value of each voucher?
  • How do we market our school to parents and the community?
  • What do we need to know that we don’t know to ask?
Categories: FAQs for Schools, Overview

Founded in 2004, School Choice Wisconsin is the lead organization working to advance school choice opportunities in Wisconsin. Staffed by experts in government relations and school operations, School Choice Wisconsin:

  • Works with legislators to expand and improve Wisconsin’s school choice programs.
  • Works with the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to insure private and religious schools are protected from burdensome regulations.
  • Works directly with private and religious schools to maximize their participation in school choice programs and to assist them with program compliance.