Parental Choice Students On Trend With Higher Test Scores

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Data released today by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) shows that again this year, students in the Parental Choice Programs are outperforming their peers.  As with all test data, a one-year snapshot has limitations but the trend of higher test scores for students on a voucher is great news for students and taxpayers.

“All three Parental Choice Programs, comprised predominately of low-income students, outscored their full-income counterparts across the entire state in public schools on the ACT,” Jim Bender said. “Combined with the Forward Exam, these results highlight superior outcomes at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers.”

Below is the comparative data for the Parental Choice Programs around the state:

* Removes Milwaukee and Racine Unified from statewide data

* * Removes Milwaukee only as RUSD econ/dis not available

ACT Exam

MPCP 17.5 MPS Econ/Dis  15.4 MPS  16.5
RPCP  19.5 RUSD Econ/Dis 15.8 RUSD  17.7
WPCP 22.5 State Econ/Dis  17.4 State  20.1 (20.4*)

Forward Exam


WPCP results

38% proficient/advanced in ELA

34% proficient/advanced in Math

51% prof/advanced in Science

52% prof/adv in Social Studies

Statewide Economically Disadvantaged

26.4% prof/adv in ELA (28.4% **)

24.9% prof/adv in Math (27.3%**)

33.1% prof/adv in Sci (36.3%**)

32.0% prof/adv in S.S. (34.7%**)


Statewide results

42.5% prof/adv in ELA (45%*)

42.2% prof/adv in Math (45.1%*)

50.2% prof/adv in Sci (53.3%*)

49.8% prof/adv in S.S. (52.8%*)


RPCP results

26% proficient/advanced in ELA

16% proficient/advanced in Math

27% prof/adv in Science

35% prof/adv in Social Studies


RUSD Economically Disadvantaged

Data Redacted and not listed on DPI website as of yet.


RUSD results

20.2% proficient/advanced in ELA

18.8% proficient/advanced in Math

28.3% prof/advanced in Science

30% prof/adv in Social Studies


MPCP results

19% proficient/advanced in ELA

14% proficient/advanced in Math

20% prof/advanced in Science

25% prof/adv in Social Studies


MPS Economically Disadvantaged

14.9% proficient/advanced in ELA

11.2% proficient/advanced in Math

15.2% prof/advanced in Science

16.4% prof/adv in Social Studies


MPS results

19.7% proficient/advanced in ELA

14.9% proficient/advanced in Math

19.8% prof/advanced in Science

21.2% prof/adv in Social Studies

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