Polls show support for eliminating income limits on school choice in Wisconsin

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For Immediate Release

April 28, 2022


Two polls, two positive results for school choice in Wisconsin. A Marquette Law School poll released on April 27 shows majority support for dropping family income limits on choice programs in the state.

“Extending vouchers for students to attend private or religious schools statewide and without family income limits is supported by 58%,” says Marquette Law School’s news release on the poll.

This aligns with a School Choice Wisconsin survey conducted in February 2022 by OnMessage Inc. In that survey, 65 percent agreed that income restrictions need to be dropped so that every Wisconsin family has the ability to send their children to a school that’s best for them.

“Parents want educational freedom,” says School Choice Wisconsin President Nicholas Kelly. “Allowing parents to find the best school for their children reflects options we all have in other aspects of life. For something as critical as education, we should empower all parents to find the best solutions for their children.”

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