Results again show that parental choice programs work for parents, students and schools

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For Immediate Release
September 29, 2022
Contact: Nicholas Kelly

On September 29, 2022, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released the state test scores via the Wisconsin Student Assessment System.

As in prior years, students in Wisconsin’s school choice programs outperformed traditional public school students on the college-readiness ACT exam.

“This continuing pattern is quite noteworthy,” said Nic Kelly, School Choice Wisconsin president. He added: “The fact that choice students from low-income and working-class families score higher on average than public school students is consistent with other data and research. Despite taxpayer funding at 60% of public school levels, choice students are ahead of the pack.”

While students are required by state law to take the ACT (and other) exams, more than a quarter of Milwaukee Public Schools students did not do so. By comparison, 90% of choice students took the exam*.

“Private schools in the choice programs navigated many obstacles to get their kids to take the required tests,” Kelly said.


ACT Exam Results for 2021–22 – Average Scores

  MPCP MPS (All Students)
Composite Score 16.8 15.8
ELA 15.7 15.0
Math 16.6 15.4
Science 17.3 16.2


  RPCP RUSD (All Students)
Composite Score 17.4 16.3
ELA 16.5 15.2
Math 17.1 15.7
Science 17.6 16.9



  WPCP State** (All Students)
Composite Score 20.4 19.2
ELA 19.1 17.9
Math 20.1 19.0
Science 20.2 19.7


*ACT English test percentage
**State average typically increases .2 average score when Milwaukee and Racine are removed from the state average. The WPCP covers the entire state except for Milwaukee and Racine.




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