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School Choice FAQs

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Yes, as follows:

  • A private school may charge a choice student reasonable fees for personal items such as towels, room and board, gym clothes or uniforms, social and extracurricular activities if the activity is not a part of the required curriculum, along with musical instruments, meals, and high school classes not required or credited for graduation.

A choice student may not be charged a fee for registration or application to the choice program, books, teacher salaries, buildings, maintenance, equipment, computers, and any other fee directly related to the required curriculum such as field trips.

For more information please consult the DPI bulletin “Student Tuition and Fees.”

Tuition for new students may not be charged in addition to the program payment. If family income rises above 220 percent of federal poverty levels in subsequent years, high school students may be charged additional tuition.

For more information, please consult the DPI bulletin “Student Tuition and Fees.”

Students continuing in the program do not need to submit income information. Schools only need to verify the income of new applicants. See the DPI bulletin “Income Documentation.

  • $30-50K for audit cost annually
  • $275 application fee annually

The cost of a student information system if you don’t already have one: ~$2,500 startup costs and $10 per student per annum (only parental choice program students must participate)


  • 40 hours budget preparation
  • 8 hour budget training
  • 40 hours audit preparation

Administration: Up to 20 students

  • 20 hours to prepare application forms
  • 20 hours to complete student applications
  • 20 hours of reports due throughout the year
  • A good principal/secretary/parent volunteer team can handle this initially

Schools receive four equal payments at the end of September, November, February, and May.

  • The first two payments are generated by the third Friday in September enrollment count.
  • The last two payments are generated by the second Friday in January enrollment count.



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