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School choice is helping real kids. Thousands of students throughout Wisconsin are thriving because of the educational options available to them through school choice programs. Here are just a few of their school choice stories.


Every day, schools and educators are taking extraordinary steps to ensure that their students are educated to the fullest, despite their circumstances. These school leaders set examples for all to follow. Often, however, their efforts are unsung. Here is where we give these leaders the spotlight they deserve.

Celebrating Cultures, Connecting a Community at St. Thomas More Catholic School

January 25th, 2022|

“It was challenging for quite a while.” As in every other school, Green Bay’s St. Thomas More Catholic School met a new set of challenges when the coronavirus spread to their area. “The staff really [...]

New Testament Christian Academy STOPs COVID Learning Loss in its Tracks

December 22nd, 2021|

When Wisconsin’s schools were first ordered to shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, New Testament Christian Academy Director Renee Johnson says “We prayed.” Little did they know how incredibly their prayers would be [...]

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