School Choice programs have helped thousands of students throughout Wisconsin thrive because of the educational options available to them. Choice schools and educators take extraordinary steps to ensure their students are educated to the fullest. Read school choice stories about exemplary students and teachers in Wisconsin.


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lighthouse choice program

Choice Program Empowers Parents

June 10, 2021

MADISON –On Monday evenings, a handful of parents gather at Lighthouse Christian School to better understand the vital role they play in the successful education of their children. One of them, Marcia Vinveza, joins her colleagues after a day working in a nearby factory. The single mother of a third-grader says she chooses Lighthouse Christian School because…

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Sahara Aden at St. Joan Antida in Milwaukee

May 22, 2021

Sahara Aden is a St. Joan Antida success story.  Aden graduated from the all-girl, Catholic school in Milwaukee earlier this year and just completed her first trimester at Milwaukee School of Engineering, studying electrical engineering. “I don’t think I’d choose this path without the choice program,” she said in an interview. Ninety-eight percent of St.…

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cannalte family

Blaze At HOPE Christian Schools

April 15, 2021

James and Maureen Cannalte know their children well – all eight of them. So when it comes to determining the best education for each, they have stretched the gamut of options. While living in Texas, home schooling seemed the best fit for their growing family. Then, when job opportunity brought the Cannaltes to Pell Lake,…

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EverGreen Academy Racine

Carissa At Evergreen Academy

March 15, 2021

Summer emanates from Carissa Novine as she shoots her hand to the sky, wide smile stretching across her face, and explains why planting marigolds in a vegetable garden is a good practice. “It keeps the bunnies away!” the Kindergartener exclaims. Summer is on the minds of Carissa and her classmates at EverGreen Academy as the…

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Turner at Concordia Lutheran

Turner At Concordia Lutheran

March 10, 2021

Ask 7-year-old Turner Ritacco to read a poem, and he’ll quickly wrap his arms around his tiny frame, slink into his chair and firmly tilt his head toward the floor with a sulk and a frown. With a little coaxing, he might slowly look up, muster up some courage and give the poem a try.…

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Riveras at Concordia Lutheran School

The Riveras At Concordia Lutheran

March 1, 2021

Three little boys stand outside their new school on a sunny, fall day, and the photographer never has to urge a smile. Wide, and in some cases, toothless grins dominate their faces. This is a genuine happy. For their father, Pablo Rivera, nothing could be more assuring than to see that his boys are content.…

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stephany at shoreland lutheran

Stephany At Shoreland Lutheran

February 25, 2021

Rosa Gonzalez shakes her head as she remembers where her daughter was just three years ago. “When Stephany was in ninth grade at the local high school, it was too bad,” she says, adding that she didn’t seem to have control over her daughter, who was disengaged from school, skipping classes and hanging around with…

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shoreland lutheran high school logo

Nicole at Shoreland Lutheran High School

February 19, 2021

Perhaps Nicole Romero’s greatest attribute would be the one that makes it easy to overlook her. She is silently resolved. The junior at Shoreland Lutheran High School does what she is supposed to do. She works hard, she encourages others through her actions rather than words and is a relatively quiet teenager. For those reasons,…

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School Choice Wisconsin logo

Choice Stories: Meet Tori Jaeger

January 10, 2021

After more than three decades of school choice in Wisconsin, choice stories are everywhere. The Jaeger family has one of them. For over 30 years, The Jaeger family has found a wellspring of community and opportunity at Trinity Freistadt in Mequon, WI. Their children attend the school which is connected to a ministry with a…

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School Choice Wisconsin logo

Joquori At St. Marcus Lutheran School

January 9, 2021

A grandfather struggles to escape a robbery and is shot dead on the porch while his helpless grandchild, still growing in the womb, restlessly waits to emerge into a sometimes violent and hopeless world. Joquori Brown’s life began as that child with a beautiful defiance. Defiance against poverty that surrounded him as one of eight…

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