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School Choice Wisconsin Action offers seminars for choice schools on a regular basis. View them here.

EANS Choice Audit Discussion

In a followup to the first EANS roundtable, School Choice Wisconsin Action (SCWA) hosted a second hour-long discussion, titled "EANS And The Choice Audit". The panel included Paul Helmers of Wipfli, LLP, Lori Saqer of [...]

EANS Funding Seminar

School Choice Wisconsin's first EANS funding seminar was a roundtable discussion for school staff members to ask questions and share information about EANS stimulus funds. The panel included Lori Saqer of Messmer High School, Brian Frank [...]

School Choice Financial Audit Workshop

The SCW Action Quality Committee hosted a workshop to help explain what schools will need to prepare and what they can expect to happen throughout the school choice financial audit process. In addition to [...]

Special Needs Scholarship Roundtable Discussion

This Special Needs Scholarship Program roundtable discussion goes in-depth with topics related to participating in the SNSP in Wisconsin.  We cover determining the number of seats, IEPs, reporting and compliance, blended learning programs, professional development, [...]

Student-Centered Coaching Styles

This seminar for Choice Schools, part of the SCWA Quality Series, offers an introduction to student-centered coaching styles. It is led by Stefanie Herbert, Assistant Principal of Academics at Trinity Freistadt school in Mequon. The [...]

COVID 19 Vaccine Discussion

SCWA invites you to hear Dr. Nicole Brady, Chief Medical Officer for UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin, talk about the latest updates related to COVID 19, mutations to the virus, and COVID 19 vaccine safety and efficacy. [...]

Fall Choice Audit Process Training

The focus of this seminar is to help school personnel prepare for the choice audit and know what they will be expected to provide to their auditors in the fall. Video 1 (above) provides an [...]

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