Special Needs Scholarship Fix Passes Senate

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The Special Needs Scholarship, created in the last state budget, needed minor adjustments to match both the intent of the legislature with regards to eligibility and to assist in implementation by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).  After years of work to design the program, School Choice Wisconsin thanks Senator Leah Vukmir, Representative John Jagler and former Representative Michelle Litjens for their leadership.

“Students with special needs will now have additional opportunities to attend the right school for them,” Jim Bender, President of School Choice Wisconsin said.  “The students eligible for this program have been discriminated against because of their disability when attempting to transfer between public school districts. They will now be able to include participating private schools in their search for a better fit.”

In addition to correcting the language on eligibility, input from the DPI will improve the administration of the program for participating schools and students.  With very short timelines for applications, making sure the program is structured correctly is critically important to providing access for families.

For all the information needed to access the Parental Choice Programs in Wisconsin, please visit www.chooseyourschoolwi.org.

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