Statement from SCW President Regarding Proposed Bill Package

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West Allis, Wisconsin – Nic Kelly, President of School Choice Wisconsin, issued the following statement after circulation of a co-sponsorship memo with six bill drafts by Wisconsin legislative democrats earlier today. The so-called “Investing in Our Kids’ Education Initiative – Public Money for Public Schools” bill package seeks drastic and harmful changes which would block new enrollments to and fully phase-out all of Wisconsin’s Parental Choice and Special Needs Scholarship Programs.

“School Choice Wisconsin Action is disappointed that any legislator who has witnessed the positive impact of the choice program in Wisconsin for the past 30 years continues to perpetuate myths and mistruths about Wisconsin’s parental choice programs. We remind legislators that public opinion shows strong, bipartisan support for educational freedom across Wisconsin and encourage them to refrain from signing onto any legislation that would limit opportunities for families already hamstrung by social and economic barriers. Students and families need to be able to choose a school that meets their needs regardless of their income or zip code.”

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