Tammy Olivas passes outreach torch to Nataly Andrade

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Nataly Andrade is the new outreach coordinator for Hispanics for School Choice/School Choice Wisconsin.

Here you see our new outreach coordinator, Nataly Andrade, doing what she does best … outreach! This outreach took place at Mexican Fiesta in late August 2022. Hispanics for School Choice/School Choice Wisconsin had a booth there and Nataly gave away backpacks and school supplies.

It’s shaping up to be a school year of opportunities and challenges for Hispanics for School Choice. There are many opportunities to educate parents around the state about school choice. The challenge lies in being able to reach parents and educate them about their options on school choice, getting the info to them when they need it the most. Many parents in Wisconsin, Hispanic and otherwise, still lack information on how to access the state’s four choice programs and navigate the many barriers to enroll in the program.

Enter Nataly Andrade, recently brought on as outreach coordinator for Hispanics for School Choice (HFSC) and School Choice Wisconsin. Nataly is taking over for erstwhile Outreach Director Tammy Olivas, who served in that role for a decade. Olivas remains an active member of the School Choice Wisconsin board.

In a brief chat with ChoiceWords, Tammy Olivas reflected on her decade doing outreach for HFSC.

Tammy Olivas, Hispanics for School Choice outreach director for the past decade. Olivas remains on the board of School Choice Wisconsin.

“The main idea of the organization was to bridge opportunities with people who were desperately looking without really knowing what it was that they were looking for,” says Olivas. Multiple exposures for parents to school choice and creating relationships with community leaders are key in the role, says Tammy. “And after you create the connections, you need to get to work because you need to meet with families, you need to be with them, you need to provide them with the information.”

Through Tammy’s efforts, Hispanics for School Choice has established a highly visible presence, attending an impressive list of events at churches, schools, community organizations, fairs, and celebrations such as Mexican Fiesta.

HFSC’s flagship event has been back-to-school fairs, now undertaken as backpack giveaways by HFSC and School Choice Wisconsin. This year 2,000 backpacks with supplies were given to kids at four events in the state.


Nataly’s time

It is now Nataly’s time to carry on and further build on the relationships HFSC has created. Nataly says her primary goal in the job is to educate parents about choice and to see the program expand. “Since it started, choice has grown tremendously, but I know the program has the capability to grow even greater,” she says.

“I want parents to be able to question what type of education they really want to provide to their children,” says Nataly.

Nataly comes to her position after stints as director of admissions at St. Joan Antida High School and as an admission representative at St. Anthony School, both in Milwaukee. Nataly is a product of choice herself, having attended St. Anthony School and Notre Dame School of Milwaukee.

Nataly will work closely with Tammy as she transitions into her new role. “We are excited to see what Nataly will do for our parents and communities,” said SCW President Nicholas Kelly. “She is knowledgeable, experienced, and very outgoing. With Nataly’s skills and Tammy’s guidance, she will make a huge impact quickly.”

Look for Nataly promoting choice to families across the state. You can reach her at [email protected] or at 414-319-3160 ext. 105.

— By Mary Reardon for School Choice Wisconsin

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