The School Choice Advantage: More Bang For The Buck

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Data from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction enable a comparison of public and private school cost-effectiveness. The results are described in a new School Choice Wisconsin report.

Using conservative assumptions, the report shows a marked advantage for schools in the state’s private school choice programs. The advantage is most pronounced in Milwaukee and Racine. A lesser but still sizable advantage exists in the statewide program.

Figure 1 shows that per pupil public school revenue substantially exceeds that at private choice schools. Chart showing Per Pupil Revenue

DPI Report Card scores show a different picture. Despite less revenue, Figure 2 shows higher Report Card scores for the Milwaukee and Racine choice programs. Report Card scores for low-income students in the statewide Wisconsin Parental Choice Program are similar to scores for all students in public school districts.  

Chart showing Report Card Scores

The School Choice Wisconsin report uses a Cost-Effectiveness Index to measure Report Card results per $1,000 of school revenue. Figure 3 shows for a cost-effective advantage for the MPCP, RPCP, and WPCP of 89%, 92%, and 42%, The complete SCW report describes conservative assumptions that likely understate the cost-effective advantage of schools in the state’s parent choice programs.

Chart showing Cost-Effectiveness Index

DOWNLOAD REPORT >> The Cost-Effectiveness of Wisconsin’s Private School Choice Programs

DOWNLOAD REPORT SUMMARY >> The School Choice Advantage: More Bang For The Buck 

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