Current Testing Used by Certain Choice Schools

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School Choice Wisconsin surveyed schools to find out what standardized tests they would prefer to use in the future.  A total of 27 schools responded to School Choice Wisconsin’s survey, seven in Racine out of twenty schools in the program for 2015-2016 (35%) and twenty-one in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) out of 72 total (excluding Milwaukee schools in the WPCP) for 2015-2016 (29%).  Survey respondents were asked to name two tests each, but a few named more.

The most commonly named tests in the WPCP were the ACT Aspire (9), ACT (7), and ACT Explore (1).  Iowa Basic Assessments and Terra Nova each were mentioned four times with Iowa being a first preference more often.  Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) was mentioned three times.  A preference for “no standardized testing” and for the PSAT each received two mentions.  Other tests mentioned included the Badger Exam, AIMSweb, and InView.  The most desired tests in Racine were MAP (4), ACT (2), Badger Exam (1), ACT Aspire (1), Terra Nova (1), PSAT (1), and Iowa (1).

If only elementary schools are included, the most commonly requested tests for the WPCP are ACT Aspire (6), Iowa Basic Assessments (4), Terra Nova (4), Measures of Academic Progress (3), “No testing” (1), ACT Explore (1), Badger Exam (1), AIMSweb (1), and InView (1).  In Racine, the most commonly requested elementary level tests were MAP (4), Badger Exam (1), ACT Aspire (1), Terra Nova (1), PSAT (1), and Iowa Basic Assessments (1).

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