Number of Schools Increases Again for Parental Choice Programs

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The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Grows to More Than 200 Schools

The Department of Public Instruction released the number of participating schools in three of the four Parental Choice Programs in Wisconsin.  Once again, in reaction to parental demand, schools from all over Wisconsin are entering the program. Some of the schools listed below participate in more than one Parental Choice Program.

Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Racine Parental Choice Program

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

“Having worked with schools from all over Wisconsin, we know the demand for the Parental Choice Programs continues to grow,” Jim Bender, President of School Choice Wisconsin said. “The more people find out about the program, the more popular it becomes.”


Additional information per two items on DPI press release:

Total payments for the life of the program are now listed on their press release per program.  While we are computing the similar costs in detail – over the same time period for the MPCP and RPCP, Milwaukee Public Schools and Racine Unified School District received more than $30,000,000,000 and $1,500,000,000, respectively.

Also, while DPI lists the income limits for the program by married couples (higher cost) in their press releases, DPI lists single family household income (lower) in information that goes to parents with an income calculator making it harder to determine actual income limit. These petty differences continue the time-honored tradition of DPI using press releases to push political narratives over objective release of data.

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