Statement on WILL Test Score Study

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The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) released the results of a study on standardized test scores that accounted for socioeconomic factors for all school sectors across Wisconsin.  Here are some of the highlights of the test score study:

  • Students in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) scored 5% higher in reading proficiency and 4% higher in math proficiency on the Wisconsin Forward Exam than similar students in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS).
  • Students in the MPCP scored 8% higher on the ACT than similar students in MPS.
  • Students in the Racine/Wisconsin Parental Choice Programs scored 17% higher on the Wisconsin Forward Exam than similar students in Wisconsin outside of Milwaukee.

Read the test score study.

Statement from Jim Bender –

“With new data available to create more accurate comparisons, the Parental Choice Programs in Wisconsin continue to outperform their public school counterparts.  We are hopeful this pattern of higher performance, at funding levels significantly lower than traditional public schools, will result in a closure of the funding gap between education sectors. Higher scores paired with lower costs generate wins for students and taxpayers.”

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