Comparing RPCP and RUSD WKCE Results

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  • Each year, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects WKCE results from all public schools[1] as well as all choice pupils[2] at private schools and publishes them on WISEdash.
  • Usually DPI attempts to skew the data in order to favor public schools. However, the aggregate results from the choice schools were too high to make this possible. The choice students outperformed the RUSD students in every grade in both subjects.
  • The tables below show the percent of students who scored either proficient or advanced in the two subjects that the WKCE assesses, science and social studies.


School System

4th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

10th Grade Science

RUSD 63.9% 66.7% 55.4%
RPCP 64% 68% 79%





School System

4th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies

10th Grade Social Studies

RUSD 85.9% 67.8% 61.4%
RPCP 86% 63% 84%





  • The largest gaps in achievement between MPS and MPCP students is at the 10th grade level, where choice students score more than 20 percentage points higher than the RUSD students in both subjects.
  • Twelve independent research studies have shown that voucher programs across the country have had a positive effect on students’ academic achievement, and these results specific to Milwaukee further emphasize the benefits of school choice.[3]

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