School choice gets major buzz across the nation: What We’re Reading

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School choice continues to be a major focus in Wisconsin, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states around the country, especially with the midterm elections nearing.

For the latest pertinent news here at home, see School Choice Wisconsin’s press release headlined Results again show that parental choice programs work for parents, students and schools.

“As in prior years, students in Wisconsin’s school choice programs have outperformed traditional public school students on the college-readiness ACT exam,” says the release.

Check out a few updates from around the country. Also see the interesting story about record numbers of young people in “Generation COVID” rejecting college in the wake of pandemic shutdowns.

Group recommends greater school choice in Ohio

Both PA candidates for governor agree on school choice? That’s welcome bipartisan agreement

Generation COVID: Record numbers of youth opt out of college, work

Huge Arizona school voucher plan in effect after foes fail

— School Choice Wisconsin

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