Current Testing Used by Certain Choice Schools

School Choice Wisconsin surveyed schools to find out what standardized tests they would prefer to use in the future.  A total of 27 schools responded to School Choice Wisconsin’s survey, seven in Racine out of twenty schools in the program for 2015-2016 (35%) and twenty-one in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) out of 72 [...]

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Districts Receive Undue Dollars With New Voucher Funding Model

Starting in 2015-16, new RPCP and WPCP students’ vouchers will be funded similar to the open enrollment. While this ensures there is no voucher amount reduction, public districts unfairly receive a subsidy for students they do not educate due to revenue limit counting purposes. Below are some models showing how much “skim” would go to [...]

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Comparing RPCP and RUSD WKCE Results

Comparing RPCP and RUSD WKCE Results Each year, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects WKCE results from all public schools[1] as well as all choice pupils[2] at private schools and publishes them on WISEdash.   Usually DPI attempts to skew the data in order to favor public schools. However, the aggregate results from the [...]

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Fiscal Impact of Certain Choice Budget Items

ASSESSMENTS (LFB summary page 352, #11) The budget proposes allowing parental choice program schools to administer an alternative assessment to the choice pupils in lieu of the state test. The tests that would be viable would have to be approved by the UW-Value Added Research Center (VARC) to make sure they meet certain nationally- [...]

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